Tola and Karolina

Subjective Guide explained

Subjective Guide is a tool built for a new generation of social media users. A channel for those who dare to dive deeper and discover the world. A peer-to-peer travel recommendation network delivered in an intuitive and design-oriented form. Presented to our users to optimize their travel choices and enable them to find places tailored to their needs.

Our purpose

We believe in individuality and want to push people to find their own paths while traveling and share it with others to create a community of endless inspiration.

Our Mission and Vision

Building a strong community of conscious explorers who want to shape the future of tourism and contribute their travel experience to inspire others.

Why Subjective...

Subjective means based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions. Being a Subjective Guide is having your personal take on exploration, expressing it through the places you visit and sharing your virtual guide on our app.

Finally a space that rewards individuality.

Why Subjective

Subjective Guide is a female-founded startup.


Chief of Ideas


Chief of Making it Happen

The Founder Story

Tola and Karolina - heart and soul of Subjective Guide. Two undeniable non-conformists who are on a constant move. They are friends of 18 year who visited over 40 countries together and plan to reach 100 before their 30th birthday.


Finding recommendations should feel easy and personal. We don’t all have the same taste but for some reason we use generic sources of travel advise. We call for change and urge you not to compromise. Discover your travel alter ego and explore places tailored to your needs.

How about we do it together?

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